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Kayak Anglers: New Fishing Paddle!

I love million dollar ideas that work! Check out this new paddle for kayak anglers! Its called the ” hand paddle” made by Backwater PaddlesThe Kayak Anglers Dream I discovered these little gems today after writing an article about choosing the right kayak for fishing on  my hub page,check it out here!

I was amazed by this paddle!  I’d just been out kayaking and fishing yesterday in a tight spot surrounded by mangroves. With the hand paddle you just stow your big paddle in your paddle keeper and use the hand paddle to maneuver in tight spots. I admit I dont have one yet but i will very soon i can promise you that!   Check out the video below on how it’s used.  The hook on the paddle is very cool because it serves as a boat hook when you want to reach out and grab a dock or that mangrove that caught your lure.  In the mean time you use it to make those minor corrections that almost always need to be done right after you’ve made the perfect cast.  Its almost impossible to stay positioned without getting the big ole paddle out of your lap and trying to move your boat around.. the hand paddle is the answer!  Read more about the Piranha and Predator at  You can even buy them there!