Little Giant Ladders, Tough, Safe, Versatile

Little Giant Rules! What a ladderl

Little Giant Ladders: Type 1A (free shipping & work platform), 480x60

Its been at least 20 years since i first became acquainted with Little Giant Ladders. I was working at a home show with The Little Giant booth located across the aisle from me. The rep went through an amazing demonstration with this ladder accompanied by intriguing metallic clicks and clunks and an amazing plethora of ladder positions. This never failed to draw a crowd of fascinated prospects. I was so intrigued with the product I worked for them for a few years and I was doing the home show presentations. It was fun, a great experience and I sold a lot of them.  I’ve always kept my eye on Little Giant to see what was next.

Since the early 80’s this ladder has only gotten better! Hal Wing, the inventor of Little Giant says the secret is in the hinge.
Little Giant Ladders: Type 1A (free shipping & work platform), 480x60
Because of this hinge the Little Giant can perform feats unheard of with other ladders, even other multipurpose ladders.
Since the legs are adjustable in one foot increments, its the only ladder that is truly safe on uneven surfaces. even stairs. The flared legs and tough “feet” give it incomparable stability for any of it’s positions. All Little Giant Ladders allow for multiple heights as A-frame ladders, and open to extend to 4 times their storage size!

Did you know that most accidents at home are falls from standing on an inadequate object to gain height? Why risk not having the best ladder possible for your high projects? Go on over to the Little Giant site and read some of the reviews. You’ll find plenty from folks who have experienced falls on inadequate ladders and wouldn’t think of using anything else now! They are secure, versatile, heavy duty, easy storing ladders that will do just about any job you ask of it. Little Giant also has invented some very cool accessories. How ’bout a work platform you can actually stand on? Yep, it holds 250 lbs! They also make a sturdy telescopic scaffolding plank that fit between the two halves of the Little Giant and do a lot to make overhead work safer and more efficient. Ever wish you could roll your ladder to the next location? Grab a set of wheels! All in all you just cant beat a Little Giant Ladder.. the ladder with a system for safety, versatility and strength. Little Giant Ladders: Type 1A (free shipping & work platform), 480x60

The quality of The Little Giant Ladder is just unsurpassed and it will set you back a LOT LESS than a trip to the emergency room! Click on any image in this post and you can read all about it on the official Little Giant Site. Just click any image and you’ll be there in a flash! They have Free Shipping and free workplatform specials going on right now! If you need to get higher, you will not be sorry you own a Little Giant!
Little Giant Ladders: Type 1A (free shipping & work platform), 480x60