What’s Your Favorite Leatherman Tool?

You Gotta Love Leatherman!

Leatherman has millions of fans for their legendary “multi purpose tools.” As a connoisseur of Leatherman products I know there is a good reason for that: They are quite simply the best. My personal favorite, the multi-tool I truly cannot live without, is the “Micra.”

My favorite Leatherman Tool

This is a pocket sized power house with a usefulness quotient that cant be beat. Since it is so small and lightweight, you are going to have it in your pocket and the uses you will find for it, just because its there, are astounding. Gardening: Need to dead head a few flowering plants? Cut back to stimulate growth? Trim some dead growth? Your needs are met! Fishing: Cuts the limpest braided line, trims mono with ease, cuts bait, rinse it off and its good as new! Home repairs: See a loose screw?  Tighten it as you are walking by, Need a knife? of course there is a razor sharp knife blade as well as a nail file.

Great Pocket Garden Tool

Great Pocket Garden Tool

I don’t think that any other company comes close to the design perfections of Team Leatherman. Other companies may have strong, good looking functional tools with sharp blades and other useful accessories, but Leatherman always excels with comfort during use, as well as strength and great looks.

The Micra has some true innovation in its design.

Flat Phillips Tool

Flat Phillips Tool

One feature is a “flat” phllips screwdriver. This is brilliant on Leatherman’s behalf. Since the tool is so small a regular phillips head would have to be too small to be usable on a lot of screw heads. The solution? Flatten it! It works on many sizes of phillips screws, and despite the Micra’s small size, its tough stainless steel build can handle an impressive amount of torque. The Flat head screw driver tool has the added benefit of a bevel which makes it usefull for small scraping and even chiseling chores. The bottle opener also has a sharp awl end for hole punching. The tweezers are attached and have cutting ends as well for an embedded splinter.

Combo Bottle Opener and Awl

Combo Bottle Opener and Awl

Need to measure something? A metric and standard rule is stamped on the outside edge. and last but not least, a view of the tool in it’s “pocket” state. All Together there are are 10 suprisingly rugged tools contained in this 2 1/2 inch package.  Its one of leatherman’s most popular tools.   It also comes in colors now too!  I’ve bought many Micras because like i said, I cant live without one in my pocket and I’ve lost a few at airports to the security people,  a couple fell overboard when fishing,


Micra All Ready for Your Pocket or Purse

Micra All Ready for Your Pocket or Purse


You can check out all the Leatherman tools at Photon Light.  I realize that for some, the Micra might not be enough of a tool. Which ever Leatherman you choose, you know you will be getting an excellent quality, balanced, comfortable Multi tool. Photon light also has some really neat flashlights.  At least stop by and visit them and see if you see anything you like.  I am an affiliate for them, I might make buck fifty if you buy a Micra or other leatherman from them, but i actually shopped around a lot before I chose Photon light to work with on this. They’ve got great pricing and are cool people who like cool stuff.. like us!

Leatherman Multi-Tools



Crazy Garden Recipe That Works

A while back a good friend of mine, John Starnes, told me about this great way to get garden areas amended and ready for planting.  Its a crazy method but I’ve used it and it works.  I’m getting ready to try it again in my new house.You’ll get a lot of crazy looks but you cant argue with success.  Florida soil is very sandy.  The “recipe” fixes that!

Here’s the recipe for a 10×10 garden plot.

1 50 lb bag of cheap dog food

1 50 lb bag of alfalfa pellets

40  lbs of unscented, non clumping cheap cat litter.

1 bale of hay

enough cardboard to cover the entire area.  It can be in pieces, just tile the area with cardboard after performing the following steps.

Add the dog food, alfalfa pellets and cat litter to the area and distribute evenly with a rake.  Water it until evenly moist. Tile the entire area with the cardboard. Water cardboard.  Cover the cardboard with the hay.  Water again until the hay lays down a little.

Keep it moist and wait at least 2 months before you plant.  The cardboard should have disintegrated,  And you plant your veggies right in the soil that remains.  Leave what ever is left of the hay for mulch.

This method works fantastic for tomatos, beans, peppers, melons and more!

If you want to add more compost fine but not really necessary.  You can turn it a bit when ready to plant or not..   It works like a dream.  Will add pictures when i’m done with the project!

Self Watering Stacking Planters

You know how i love self watering products: the EarthBox, Grow Box and others. I found a new one the other day:  Nancy Janes Stacking planters.

Stacking PlantersThey are quite ingenious. They  contain a water reservoir, self wicking in fact. The overflow is designed to trickle down to the next planter.  They can be stacked and hung, or they can be stacked and secured by inserting a piece of steel running through the stack. This is tower gardening at its finest! Continue reading

Earth Box Project Lettuce Continues

Update March 29 2010…

Since this article was written in October last year,  I’ve relocated.  There is a newer post on  my Spring Earth Box HERE

Another note is that when I visited my old house the other day where the below project was undertaken, I was amazed to see lettuce growing EVERYWHERE!  I had let a couple of the plants go to seed and boy did they seed!  There was romaine in every sidewalk crack and covering the area where the old earthbox project lived!  Scroll down for more about the October planting.

The Earth Box Project Lettuce is growing nicely.  The first photo shows the Earth Box, 10 days after planting tiny fragile lettuce seedlings. The second photo shows the lettuce thriving 8 days later. At this rate, I should be eating my first salad in a week!

Earth Box Project Lettuce 10-6-09

Earth Box Project Lettuce 10-6-09

A comment I received on the original Earth Box Article asked if I’d ever tried the “Grow Box.” Grow_Box_Tomato_Self_WateringI followed his link and found that the grow box is very similar to the Earth Box, with a few improvements. A larger water reservoir, and the water fill area is actually part of the box, rather than a standpipe. Looks like a nice improvement and the price is about 10 less than the Earth Box. You can check it out here.  Just checked out this site for updates and I’ll tell you one thing folks.. the price on the Grow Box is pretty good.  Just sent a friend to their website to buy one.

Earth Box Project Lettuce 10-14-09

Earth Box Project Lettuce 10-14-09

Since writing this post, I’ve found a home made variation that is very intriguing! tgi-earthtainer-1Ray Newstead, an heirloom tomato grower found the Earth Box not quite strong enough to support some of his larger tomato plants. He set out to create a variation. He calls it the “Earth Tainer ” tm.  Here is a link to the detailed building plans on his website  here. It looks strong and fairly easy to build. Check it out ! I can’t wait to build one! Here is a photo of an Earth Tainer TM Farm.