Driftwood on the Oregon Coast

Driftwood makes me swoon.  I know its weird maybe, but its me. Plentiful driftwood, like one finds on the beautiful Oregon coast sends me to another dimension.  Beclecto Oregon driftwoodDriftwood, I believe, even inspires  Mother Nature’s artistic spirit. She  takes a raw log, a gnarly root  and  a bundle of branches or  bark,  bathes it  with waves, polishes it with sand, then turns it out on a beach to let it bask in the sun to provide rich contrasts between light and dark. Continue reading

The Seaside Oregon Clam Chowder Contest

Day 2 of our Oregon Coast trip was going to be fun we just knew it.  Seaside Oregon was our destination for shopping and a little Florida type tourist interaction.  We’d made big plans the night before to walk from the jetty to the iron skeleton of the shipwreck on the beach at Ft Stevens State Park.  In the interest of time and wanting to move on down the road we drove to the Beach Access by the shipwreck instead.  The only other vehical in the sandy lot was another Cruise America coach. Continue reading

Oregon: The Right Decision

Some inquired about our sanity: Floridians heading to Oregon for spring break, renting an RV to enjoy the coast?   We even questioned ourselves.  I mean, finally good weather seemed here to stay in Florida.  We could have had a week to enjoy the boat,work on tans, make pizza on the grill and enjoy Bellini’s and O Maddy’s in Gulfport, why are we going to Oregon?  We kept our plans despite a doubt or two, and  departing in the PM out of Orlando we headed  Northwest.

Oregon was the right decision.   So was our Cruise America RV.

View From the Cruise America Coach

View From the Cruise America Coach

Day 1 April 10th Continue reading