The Low Down on Home Water Makers and 7 to Choose From : TreeHugger

The Low Down on Home Water Makers and 7 to Choose From : TreeHugger.

Pretty dern cool article.  I love the idea of making water from atmospheric humidy.. Being in Florida you can feel the water in the air the minute it hits you upside the head when you walk out of your air conditoned cave.  These gismos above, you just plug in and they MAKE water from the water vapor  in the air !  You know how your air conditioner has that line that always drips water?  well same principle.  coils are cooled chemically to cause condesate to form.  The watermaker then collects that condesate, purifies and stores untill ready to use.. Most of the household types make 3 to 5 gallons of drinking water DAILY and use about as much energy as a desktop computer.. Not bad!  probably a little less than buying bottled water but of course more than tap.   Pretty dern cool


I'm starting to see how this could be addictive

Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at home.  It’s really nice out because its been kind of overcast all day.  Not a dull heavy overcast, but the way up high type with broken clouds, bright spots, a few fluffy cumulonimbus towering around.  Its breezy, and definitely cool for july in Florida.  My Neighbors birds were out on their Lannai and kept me chuckling.  African Grays are so good at mimicing electronic noises!  They were cracking me up with  typical “gray” slide- whistle  noises laced with  robotic chatter.  There are lots of wild bird noises too and the fish are going nuts in the lake.  Be simple as pie to catch something right now.  My REEL Finger was gettin a little itchy.. but.. didn’t go for it.. no challenge ya know.. heh heh heh. I mean it would have been down right cheatin.’

But, back to the additction part… the whole time i was sitting out there.. i was thinking about writing about it.  I can admit to waking up the last few days with OOOO i could write about stick furniture, or fishing, or travel trailers and water makers, and oooo those new retractable awnings for houses that have been on travel trailers for years.. i want to sell those.. i’m going to learn all about em and post em here.  What a BRILLIANT marketing idea!  Freshened that product RIGHT UP!  Gave it a whole new reason for being!!! i love that kind of genius!  Thats the exact type o thing i want to explore and promote.  The idea that led to a marketing approach or new product.. so watch me work!   Gonna need traffic! so IF you somehow find my blog in these early days.. and you like it or its potential I’d love it if you’d pass it on! Tnanks!

out fer now


Internet Marketing.. Why Not?

I’m the lucky owner/founder of a successful ecommerce biz in a great niche market, you know the kind that involves fun things like inventory,shipping, personell, buildings, phone systems, computer stations, customer service, accounts payable, payroll   and basically a hell hole of phones ringing off the hook from the minute I arrive at the office.   The calm of a one week vacation can evaporate within ohhhh 5 minutes, upon your return Monday morning, believe me.  I’ve recently taken the phone out of my ear long enough to become intrigued with internet marketing, social networking, you know, stuff like that.

I’m currently enthralled with what i’ve learned at this great site that gives you what seems to be a pretty interesting system for marketing clickbank products.  I’ve studied it, downloaded the awesome spreadsheet, documented all the google tools to use and am ready to start sharing this site. … hah.. guess what?  For some reason i cant!  Word Press perhaps doesn’t like ClickBank?  Interesting.
True, i haven’t made a dime doing it yet only because i’ve just discovered it. But the methods he uses are pretty amazing and seem like they’d work and its working for Michael Jones thats for sure! Its called the Click Bank Code.  Just like the Davinci Code brought amazing riches to the believers and followers, seems darn likely it could work for us!  Check it out and let me know what you think.  I paid the money.. it was worth it I feel.


Wow! The Begining

Embarkation day is always exciting.  You got your bags and got your reservation and while some posts I’m sure will be sentimental, it’s not a sentimental journey I”m proposing.  What i hope to accomplish is enlightenment, through the searches for the “eclecticities” of the world via the information age

I have a unique opportunity to satisfy my omniverous craving for the eclectic ideas  of the world.  It can be an idea come to fruition like a product or book.  It can be an idea in the making, a thought or invention. It can be an inspiration or a song.  But my goal is to share them here with others who have an eye for and love ideas of all genres.