It is the morning of the 4th day of the week…wednesday

Golly moses! You’d think it’d be simple to pick a dern web template. But the selection is so vast and rich with brilliance of designers galore. But all of those paid advertiser spots  that say FREE? Oh they arent.. dont believe it for a second. They are just using the FREE WEB TEMPLATE keyword to get .. yep.. you guessed it TRAFFIC! Anything you click on there that’s a paid advertiser is bogus.. Oh they show you templates, but try to find a free one.. they are affiliates for the big boys like template Now, Man, great eye candy.. and idea spawning site for Budding E marketers.  There is sooooo much stuff there.. lots and lots of totally sharp 20 to 30 dollar web templates that’ll knock your socks off!  But  that AINT free.   Note to self.. FREE is a great traffic building word.. does the product you are promoting have to be free? Evidently  HECK no! And the thing that kills me.. I thought i’d go ahead and sign up as an affiliate because i was soooo impressed with them and wanted to share knowledge in a positive way, and heck yeah.. get a little back when i send people there and they like what they see. but alas, they rejected my application.  yep rejected MY application.. So  know that my admiration of them is genuine cuz i wont be makin a dime.. wonder if maybe down the road they’ll reconsider?  Oh .. hell yes.  They will come to me on their hands and knees and beg.  lol jest kiddin. OH here’s the link


I'm starting to see how this could be addictive

Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at home.  It’s really nice out because its been kind of overcast all day.  Not a dull heavy overcast, but the way up high type with broken clouds, bright spots, a few fluffy cumulonimbus towering around.  Its breezy, and definitely cool for july in Florida.  My Neighbors birds were out on their Lannai and kept me chuckling.  African Grays are so good at mimicing electronic noises!  They were cracking me up with  typical “gray” slide- whistle  noises laced with  robotic chatter.  There are lots of wild bird noises too and the fish are going nuts in the lake.  Be simple as pie to catch something right now.  My REEL Finger was gettin a little itchy.. but.. didn’t go for it.. no challenge ya know.. heh heh heh. I mean it would have been down right cheatin.’

But, back to the additction part… the whole time i was sitting out there.. i was thinking about writing about it.  I can admit to waking up the last few days with OOOO i could write about stick furniture, or fishing, or travel trailers and water makers, and oooo those new retractable awnings for houses that have been on travel trailers for years.. i want to sell those.. i’m going to learn all about em and post em here.  What a BRILLIANT marketing idea!  Freshened that product RIGHT UP!  Gave it a whole new reason for being!!! i love that kind of genius!  Thats the exact type o thing i want to explore and promote.  The idea that led to a marketing approach or new product.. so watch me work!   Gonna need traffic! so IF you somehow find my blog in these early days.. and you like it or its potential I’d love it if you’d pass it on! Tnanks!

out fer now


Wow! The Begining

Embarkation day is always exciting.  You got your bags and got your reservation and while some posts I’m sure will be sentimental, it’s not a sentimental journey I”m proposing.  What i hope to accomplish is enlightenment, through the searches for the “eclecticities” of the world via the information age

I have a unique opportunity to satisfy my omniverous craving for the eclectic ideas  of the world.  It can be an idea come to fruition like a product or book.  It can be an idea in the making, a thought or invention. It can be an inspiration or a song.  But my goal is to share them here with others who have an eye for and love ideas of all genres.