Ed Stafford Completes Amazing Amazon Trek

I’ve always been fascinated by the the Amazon River.. who isn’t?  However, walking the entire 4000 miles of just didn’t seem to be an option for me.   But, In what must be one of the most amazing adventure stories ever, 34 year old  Ed Stafford a former Captain of the British Army has completed a 4000 mile trek of the Amazon.  He started the trek in April of 2008 and has completed it TODAY, 848 days later!  What an adventure this must have been!  I admit I have not been following Ed’s journey, I actually heard of it only today but I went immediately to his blog of the journey and started reading.  It is a fascinating account and highly recommended. Start here to read completely. The server is crowded with visitors right now and crashes are frequent but it is worth it.. some highlights are below with my review.

Ed began  in Southern Peru at the Pacific Ocean, with a friend Luke.  The first month of the trek took them on narrow trails through the Andes,passing  ancient Inca  ruins and small communities of people living high in the Andes Mountains.  While in the town of Unon, High in the Andes with no roads to connect them to civilization, the villagersthere discussed the  noticable  effects of climate change on their way of life.  Instead of 4 rainy months, the rainfall was reduced to one month with crops becoming affected by the change, despite their interesting irrigation system.   Read their blog post on this here. Continue reading