Self Watering Stacking Planters

You know how i love self watering products: the EarthBox, Grow Box and others. I found a new one the other day:  Nancy Janes Stacking planters.

Stacking PlantersThey are quite ingenious. They  contain a water reservoir, self wicking in fact. The overflow is designed to trickle down to the next planter.  They can be stacked and hung, or they can be stacked and secured by inserting a piece of steel running through the stack. This is tower gardening at its finest!

Even if you are stuck indoors for the duration of winter, these stacking planters can work great for indoor gardening.  Each kit comes with a bottom tray with casters, for easy relocation.  Just find a sunny window and get those veggies started now for spring!

The smallest size is a 12 inch overall planter with 3 planting areas per level. Perfect for herbs, strawberries or towers of flowers. There is also a 15 inch version, and for larger vegetables a 24 inch stackable tub. All systems are stackable to 10 high.24 inch with tray

For hydroponic growers, these systems are adaptable to your watering and growing medium methods They work extremely well using coconut fiber or coir as a substrate.

If you’d like to try Nancy Janes Planters, visit her website at

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    Thank you for the lovely article!

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