Painting on Vacation

In the last 3 or 4 years, it seems that my artistic side has begged to emerge. I now have a secret project on every vacation: paint something. Usually a subject surrounds me and just begs me to paint it. On my Recent trip to Acadia National Park, it was the rocky coast of Maine. I found a perfect spot, on a rocky area right off the Shore Trail, and went to work on Great Head, right across a little Bay from where I was sitting on a big rock. The results I’m posting.
While amateur, like all my “works,” the elements and the essence of my experience, have been captured to my satisfaction and that’s my goal.

Comments Welcome! I want to eventually be able to have others post their vacation paintings as well. I started with watercolor pencils (easy to carry) sketched the scene with colors i saw, and then rendered it into a watercolor with brushes and water and addtional color when i returned home. Here it is!

Beclecto watercolor of Maine Vacation Painting

Beclecto Watercolor of Maine Vacation Painting

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