The Commission Junction learning curve

The real deal on Commission Junction

A.  Everybody says must join its easy

B.  I agree we must but it wasnt that “easy”

Its all your stuff.. you know all your personal info and your site name and what you niche are you in and so forth …so if you are just embracing the internet marketing thing,  like me, you’ll want to have at least a domain name  before you go register  cuz they ask the url. It does not have to be up and running though, it can be underconstruction.

The legal stuff is daunting.. I actually read the terms and conditions so i’d have an idea of how it worked.  Its a complex matrix .. i’d reccomend reading them.  and if you do.. it aint gonna take the proverbial 5 minutes to set up your account.. you are probably looking at around 30 minutes.

BUT once you get into commission junction?  It is a plethora of info.. free stuff just for affiliate marketers like us.. who are out there trying to figure their angle and connect their arrows and dots.  I cant wait to really delve into the stuff there!  You’ll be impressed too!  and all FREE  FREE FREE.. i mean really free for joining them!

oh yeah..


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