It is the morning of the 4th day of the week…wednesday

Golly moses! You’d think it’d be simple to pick a dern web template. But the selection is so vast and rich with brilliance of designers galore. But all of those paid advertiser spots  that say FREE? Oh they arent.. dont believe it for a second. They are just using the FREE WEB TEMPLATE keyword to get .. yep.. you guessed it TRAFFIC! Anything you click on there that’s a paid advertiser is bogus.. Oh they show you templates, but try to find a free one.. they are affiliates for the big boys like template Now, Man, great eye candy.. and idea spawning site for Budding E marketers.  There is sooooo much stuff there.. lots and lots of totally sharp 20 to 30 dollar web templates that’ll knock your socks off!  But  that AINT free.   Note to self.. FREE is a great traffic building word.. does the product you are promoting have to be free? Evidently  HECK no! And the thing that kills me.. I thought i’d go ahead and sign up as an affiliate because i was soooo impressed with them and wanted to share knowledge in a positive way, and heck yeah.. get a little back when i send people there and they like what they see. but alas, they rejected my application.  yep rejected MY application.. So  know that my admiration of them is genuine cuz i wont be makin a dime.. wonder if maybe down the road they’ll reconsider?  Oh .. hell yes.  They will come to me on their hands and knees and beg.  lol jest kiddin. OH here’s the link


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