Internet Marketing.. Why Not?

I’m the lucky owner/founder of a successful ecommerce biz in a great niche market, you know the kind that involves fun things like inventory,shipping, personell, buildings, phone systems, computer stations, customer service, accounts payable, payroll   and basically a hell hole of phones ringing off the hook from the minute I arrive at the office.   The calm of a one week vacation can evaporate within ohhhh 5 minutes, upon your return Monday morning, believe me.  I’ve recently taken the phone out of my ear long enough to become intrigued with internet marketing, social networking, you know, stuff like that.

I’m currently enthralled with what i’ve learned at this great site that gives you what seems to be a pretty interesting system for marketing clickbank products.  I’ve studied it, downloaded the awesome spreadsheet, documented all the google tools to use and am ready to start sharing this site. … hah.. guess what?  For some reason i cant!  Word Press perhaps doesn’t like ClickBank?  Interesting.
True, i haven’t made a dime doing it yet only because i’ve just discovered it. But the methods he uses are pretty amazing and seem like they’d work and its working for Michael Jones thats for sure! Its called the Click Bank Code.  Just like the Davinci Code brought amazing riches to the believers and followers, seems darn likely it could work for us!  Check it out and let me know what you think.  I paid the money.. it was worth it I feel.


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